CodinGame released on January 28th the results of its annual survey “An anatomy of today’s developers”. The French online platform asked over 9.000 developers from all over the world about the ups and downs of their coding activities.

Here is what they came up with. Does it sound like you?

Developers mostly picked it up young…

Close to 3 in 4 developers started coding before they hit their twenties and almost to a third of respondents started coding before they even turned 14.

… and many of them by themselves

Although a lot of developers still learn to code at school (18%) or at university (39%), more than a third consider themselves to be self-taught.

Homemade programmers rely on resources such as online tutorials, books, or code challenges to hone their skills.

Tech blogs are developers’ absolute favorite way (70 to keep up with tech news and trends. Medium, another text-based media, is up next (28%).

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More than a job, a lifestyle

Coding isn’t just something they developers do at work. 87% of respondents said they code outside of work (or school) either regularly (40%) or from time to time (47%).

Python <3

Almost 34% of respondents stated Python as one of their favorite programming languages. Javascript and Java seem to divide, cited both as two of the most loved and most hated languages.

Javascript came out as the most in demand language at work, by more than half of respondents. Java came in at a no-so-close second (32%).

Teamwork is the best

The majority of developers feel particularly positive about their programmer peers. 39% feel a sense of community and a connection to other developers and 18% feel encouraged and supported by other developers.

Also, over 70% of developers say they’d rather work as part of a team.

Hakuna Matata !

Developers are largely happy at work. Close to 70% of respondents answered between 7 and 10 to the question: “on a scale of 0 to 10, do you enjoy your current job?”.

Also, the smaller the company, the higher the percentage of “very happy” developers. Those who don’t work at a company, like freelancers, are very happy at work too.

Eventually, education is the industry where developers are the happiest, followed by technology and media sector.

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Diving into machine learning and artificial intelligence

“Machine Learning/AI” is hot! Close to half of the respondents said they’d like to learn about machine learning in 2019. Game development and mobile development come in second and third place.