Farid Hobeiche, also known as Farixtube, became famous in 2015 through a viral video on the Lebanese garbage crisis. With over 28.000 followers on Facebook and 35.000 on Instagram, he now has become a well established figure of the Lebanese social media scene. He told us more about how he manages his feeds.

How much time do you spend on preparing your posts and managing Farixtube social media accounts?

I don’t post more than two to three times a week. I can’t post so frequently because of my other job. I also decided recently not to spend more than 30 minutes daily on Instagram – where I have been sharing most of my content over the last six months. There was a time when I could spend on it around two hours and a half each day. This was too much. I try not to look at and answer to every comment anymore.

How do you decide about your content’s subjects and tone?

I love posting about things that annoy me, like fashionistas. The other day it can be the garbage crisis, politicians or the way people use Whatsapp. I don’t limit myself to specific subjects. I though try to avoid controversy. The tone in my videos is just mine in the daily life. I am not acting.

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Who is your audience?

On Instagram, 60% of my followers are female and the same share is between age 18 to 35. Of course, around 70% of them are living in Lebanon. The rest are mostly Lebanese living abroad. Around 15% of my followers are in Dubai, where I used to work for an advertising agency.

Do you adapt your content to please your audience?

I try to adapt my content to the social network I am using. On Facebook for instance, where people are used to interact, I post more political content. But my aim is not to please everyone. My content is just reflecting the way I am and what I want to share. What I do is quite “niche”. If I was trying to please the masses, my audience would certainly increase.  

Do you accept sponsored content? What are the fares?

I do publish sponsored content but at a low frequency: around one post out of 20. People follow me for my content, not my ads. When I do sponsored posts, I choose brands that I feel comfortable working with and that are consistent with what I am usually publishing. Or else I will lose my credibility.

The charges on video posts depends on several factors such as if I am the one coming with the idea, if it needs a shooting, if it’s going on TV, if it is for a big brand or, let say, an NGO… It usually ranges from 100 dollars to 500 dollars.

Have you ever thought of transforming this activity into a career?

Social media was never a career plan for me. I know many influencers working as freelancers on social media as their main activity. It is not easy. It can bring you revenues a few years but on the longer run it is very risky. You have no guarantees that it will remain profitable.

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I prefer to keep this as a hobby. With my experience on social media and from my previous job in advertisement, I launched my own content agency four months ago, called Kontent.