Beach time is over! It is time to go back to work and to your dear co-workers. Though, here are six types of colleagues you didn’t miss at all.

1. The opportunist, only speaking to you when in need

You can easily spot this type of colleague. He or she barely interacts with colleagues on the same hierarchy level but always wander around the manager’s office. The sycophant is definitely the most annoying colleague in the office.

2. The latecomer, especially on meeting days

Each morning is a fight to get out of bed. Though you usually manage to get to work on time, the eyes still sleepy. On the contrary, this other colleague seems to be living in another space-time, landing at work at least one hour late every day. This makes you even more grumpy.

3. The meeting rooms squatter

How frustrating is it to enter the meeting room you booked for a presentation you have been preparing for days, to discover it is already occupied! Calmly remember room booking rules to that lawless colleague.

4. The قهوة-addict, on a permanent break

Seeing your colleague wandering around every hour for a coffee, a cigarette, or a chit-chat with his or her work bestie, pisses you off when you can’t even take a 30-min lunch break because of the workload.

5. The nerdy colleague, talking work during lunch breaks

You’ve been working all morning and your stomach starts gurgling. It’s high time for your lunch break! But as you enter the cafeteria, you already feel your level of stress growing… That nerdy colleague, ruining all your lunch breaks by talking deadlines, clients and tasks, is pointing you to an empty chair right next to him.

With this type of colleagues, set the limits from day 1, talking work is forbidden during breaks!

6. The scatterbrain, leaving his or her rotting food in the fridge

His or her Tupperware has been there for so long you can’t even recognize the type of food it used to contain. Even worse is the stinky smell emanating from it every time you open the fridge door. In any office, there will always be that colleague with the cursed Tupperware!