As a Lebanese fresh-graduate, a great wasta remains the shortest way to secure yourself a job, any job. But when looking for a specific position, that will really match your career objectives, resorting to family acquaintances doesn’t always prove that efficient. On the other hand, companies face similar issues: relationship-based recruitments can often lead to missing great opportunities with quality candidates.

This largely explains the growing success of online hiring platforms, that should now be taken into consideration during any job search.

Here is a list of 7 recruitment websites worth having a look at when looking for a job in Lebanon and the MENA region., MENA region’s mogul

Founded in 2000, displays over 16,000 offers in Middle East and North of Africa, making it the first job search website in the region. Information technology (IT), marketing and press relations (PR) positions account for one third of the total .

The Dubaï-based platform though remains very focused on the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, with some 4 000 jobs located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), followed by around 3100 positions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Lebanon is lagging far behind with a little bit more than 200 offers.


Hire Lebanese, n°1 in Lebanon

Hire Lebanese was launched in 2006 with the idea of “marketing abroad the educated and multilingual Lebanese workforce”, tells its founder Rabih Mogharbel.

Even though, local offers ended up representing the bulk of its 3,500 “active” posts (less than 60-days old). “Around 70% of our offers are local, which makes us the biggest job site in Lebanon”, claims Rabih Mogharbel. The rest of them are mostly localed in GCC countries.

Jobs in sales, IT and accounting or finance are the most represented on the platform.

“The average experience wanted by our companies is between 3 to 7 years but we also have entry-level jobs”, adds the recruitment expert.


GulfTalent, your passport to the GCC countries

Launched in 2005, GulfTalent is an online recruitment portal targeting mainly, but not only, GCC countries. Almost 3.000 offers are listed on the platform, mostly located in UAE and KSA.


Nabbesh, freelancers over here !

Launched in 2012 in Dubaï by the Lebanese entrepreneur Loulou Khazen Baz, Nabbesh has the particularity to be dedicated to freelancers. Good thing to notice is that employers are required by the plaform to pay a deposit at the start of the work that is released at its completion, which saves both freelancers and companies some potential delicate situations.


Daleel Madani, for NGOs and international organization vacancies

Daleel Madani was created during the summer 2006 as an online portal dedicated to civil society actors in Lebanon. Among other things, the website displays job vacancies in NGOs and international organizations in the country. Over 200 offers are currenlty displayed.


Tanqeeb, from Egypt to the world

Tanqeeb is an Egyptian online recruiting platform created in 2011 and offering jobs in the MENA region. As for Lebanon, the platform declares to be unveilling around a hundred new positions daily, most of them IT, sales or marketing positions.


HireHunt, when job search becomes a game

HireHunt is definitely the most creative and interactive hiring platform. Each candidate has to go through a series of small tests, games and unformal Q&A, before being but in contact with a company and eventually getting an interview.

“We developped this process after noticiing there was very often a lack of culture fit between companies and the candidates hey preselected”, explains Basil Fateen, who launched the website in 2015. “Our technology now has a 82% success rate of applicants finding an employer within two weeks”, claims Basil Fateen.

HireHunt is now only available for jobs in Egypt but plans to expand its activities in UAE “during the next quarter”.