Thanks to your CV and your cover letter, you got invited by your dream company for a job interview, mumtaz ! But you now have to convince in person the recruiter that you are the best candidate. One last step that can often result as the most stressful part of the job research.

While focusing on their answers to the interviewer’s questions, candidates often forget that body language is even more important.

In fact, according to professor of psychology Albert Mehrabian, who studied the importance of non-verbal communication in the 1970s, the influence of non-verbal communication is stronger than we might think.

In his works, he demonstrated that only 7% of what we communicate consists of the literal content of the message. The use of one’s voice, such as tone, intonation and volume, take up 38% and as much as 55% of communication consists of body language.

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We met Rabih Elkhodr’s, a Lebanese public speaking instructor and business pitching coach, who gave us three tips to control our body language in a job interview setting:

  • Have a firm handshake

This will show confidence to your recruiter and give you energy to start the interview.

  • Make sure that you are sitting in a proper posture

It is crucial to have an open posture, to sit with the back straight, to have your foot firmly planted on the ground and your hands either placed on your tights or on the table.

  • Make sure that you convey nonverbal cues

Nodding is one of the most important nonverbal indication to the recruiter that you are listening and attentive to what said he is saying. Of course, smiling during the interview will always convey positive vibes!

On the contrary, three attitudes must be banned:

  • Fidgeting while sitting on your chair

Moving and playing on your chair shows to the recruiter that you are not able to concentrate and that you don’t feel comfortable during this interview exercise.

  • Looking away for too long during a job interview

The recruiter will think you are not interested in what he is saying. It also reveals that you are stressed and not comfortable with the situation.

  • Using your mobile phone

Please, keep your phone off and stowed in your bag! Your personal belongings should not appear on the table -except for a pen and a notebook to take notes.

Check our video for more tips !